Filmmaker Searching for Harkness Vets of 60s and 70s

Leslie Streit commented on About the Harkness Ballet blog

Finally, an amateur effort at pulling all Harkness alums together. Facebook has been great as far as connecting us, and this …

Hello Harkness Dancers and Friends,

My name is Leslie Streit and I am a filmmaker in California. In 2010 I began a 3 part project with Maria Vegh under the auspices of ODC Theater in San Francisco. It is all about Maria and her memories of Harkness Ballet and that very exciting time in New York when all of you pioneers and experimenters changed the face of dance forever. The project included a website (, and a 2 hour instructional video of Maria’s work (How To Make A Ballet Dancer). After finishing another documentary I am ready to start the third part of my project – a documentary of Maria’s memories of Harkness and the NY dance scene in the 1960’s to ’70’s. Time is of the essence as memories are fading.

If any of you would like to participate or have memories you would like to share on film please email me at or call me at 415-468-0772.

Thank you all for your contributions and I look forward to talking to you.

Best Wishes,

One thought on “Filmmaker Searching for Harkness Vets of 60s and 70s

  1. Hi Leslie, this is so interesting! I was an original Harkness Ballet Trainee and spent the summer of 1965 in Watch Hill, RI. My most favorite teacher there was Vera Volkova. She greatly influenced me and the way I teach today. I worked as a trainee in New York at Harkness House for Ballet Arst during the fall of 1965. Ailley Ailey was my jazz teacher, Stuart Hodes my modern teacher along with Leon Fokine, Patricia Wilde and various others my ballet teachers. In January of 1966 I was asked to join the Harkness Ballet Company and toured Europe and N Africa with them. Because most of the programs for the tour were already printed when I joined the company, my name did not appear in most,,,not until May, I believe, when we were in Barcelona. I was Donna Stanley. Please let me hear from you as I am interested in hearing more!! I sent you an email as well.

    Donna (Stanley) Martelli, 317.255.7283.


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