Doubly-Gifted Michael Limoli reviews

Michael Limoli(photo by ???)

Michael Limoli
(photo by ???)

Ballet performance reviews

 “Der minutenlange Applaus und die Bravo-Rufe fur solisten Dusanka Duricanin und Michael Limoli a. G. zeigten die Begeinsterung eines fachmaennischen Publikums.”

[“The minutes-long applause and the shouts of ‘bravo’ for soloists Duricanin and guest artist Michael Limoli signaled the enthusiasm of an expert knowledgeable audience.”]

Salzburger Volksblatt, 4 December 1972

Principals Nancy Reed and Michael Limoli were particularly effective in this striking ballet. Limoli is first clarinetist of the I.U. Philharmonic Orchestra as well as being a leading dancer with the ballet company.”

Bloomington Herald Tribune

“Michael Limoli was probably the most proficient ballet dancer in the Indiana University Ballet Theatre. He was constantly torn between his great desires to make music and to dance. Fortunately he was able to perform at a high level in both fields.”

—Indiana University, The Bain Regime, vol II, 1973

“Limoli won a Fulbright Award to study music at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria. Then the Muse of Dance tapped him on the shoulder. ‘Dancing felt just wonderful’, Limoli said. ‘I took ballet to satisfy a physical education requirement in college. I was bowled over by Nureyev.’ [Limoli] went to NYC, and met Rebecca Harkness . . . who gave him a contract.”

Albany Times Union, 3 February, 1995

 ” . . .  At Indiana University he studied Clarinet and discovered Ballet. In the years that followed he went to NYC and became a Harkness Ballet Trainee, then danced professionally with a company in Salzburg, Austria.”

The Cleveland Performer, May, 1981

“Local musician concert clarinetist has brought a fresh sound to dance concerts at the Skidmore College Dance Theatre and the Caffe Lena Theatre. Live music breathes with the dancers.”

The Saratogian, Mae Banner 15 January, 1995

 Michael Limoli with Ka

Michael Limoli with Kathleen Geiser and Sandra Ward and corps de ballet
(photo by Richard Pflum during a performance for German Public Television)


Dance and Dance Accompanist Recommendations

Michael Limoli was the company pianist for the Nevada Dance Theatre during which time I became aware of his extensive experience in ballet.  Not only does he have a fine eye for dance, but [also] his expert training in ballet manifests itself in the way he is able to encourage dancers to realize more of their potential. I frequently asked Michael to teach company class. An added bonus which Mr. Limoli possesses is that he is a fine musician: [this] amplifies the range of his work in dance.

Vasilli Sulich, Director Nevada Dance Theatre

3 April, 1992

“Michael Limoli has worked for the Nevada Dance Theatre as an accompanist.  He is a musician of abundant talent.  It is very difficult to find artists of his caliber.  Michael is a find.”

—Nancy C. Houssels, Chairman of the Board, 3 May 1992

“Michael Limoli was chosen by Nutmeg Conservatory for the Arts to be dean of the school and principal dance accompanist because of his expertise in both music and dance.”

Sharon E. Dante, Founder/Director Nutmeg Ballet,

25 October, 1995

“Mr. Limoli worked with me as an accompanist for Ballet Hispanico of NYC.  I thought his work was excellent and he is a reliable and professional musician”

Alba Calzada, Ballet Mistress Ballet Hispanico, 10 December, 1980

“Our faculty was extremely pleased with his ability as an accompanist.”

Edith D’Addario, Joffrey American Ballet Center,

13 June, 1978

Music Reviews

“Michael Limoli, familiar in New York City as a clarinet recitalist, played with his characteristic mellowness of tone and finely graded shifts in color and dynamics.”

The New York Times, Raymond Ericson, 1980

“Limoli mpressed as a highly accomplished player with a distinct point of view.  His playing was intimate and imaginative, with gently tapered  phrases and subtle interpretive strokes.”

The New York Times, Joseph Horowitz, 1978

“The influence of vocal styles is mre than apparent in his smooth method of attack, articulation and phrasing.  He cultivates a tonal beauty and lyrical suavity that is rare.”

The New York Times, Peter Davis, 1979

“Limoli impressed as a fundamentally lyrical, introspective clarinetist.  He used his cool tone to fashion soft, subtle phrases, often with eloquent results.”—

The New York Times, Joseph Horowitz, 1980

“Limoli’s pure tone defines what a clarinet can be, when played by a master.”

The Saratogian, Judy White, Fall 2012

“Michael Limoli presented a concert called “Clarinet Plus Dance.” It combined a live musician with dancers who clearly accompany the energy flowing from the instrument. It created a sense of mystique and wonder in the audience.”

Skidmore Student News, 1994

Limoli the clarinetist is also an accomplished Dance pianist, playing each summer at SPAC for members of the NYC Ballet Company.  He has played for Gelsey Kirkland, Damien Wetzel, Darci Kistler Mikhail Baryshnikov, among countless others.”

The Saratogian, 25 February 2005

” Limoli holds degrees in both Music and Dance.  So, it’s no surprise that he is appearing with composer Judith Atchinsonin in a work for solo clarinet that requires him to be onstage so that he may both dance and play the clarinet.”

—Saratoga Poor Richard’s, November 1993

Michael Limoli standing at ease(photo by ???)

Michael Limoli standing at ease
(photo by ???)

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