List of Harkness Ballets

I’m trying to compile a list of which dance pieces appeared in which season. I’ve got the programs for the first and second seasons, but I don’t have very much information about the following seasons:

  • 1967-1968
  • 1968-1969
  • 1969-1970
  • 1970-1971
  • 1971-1972
  • 1972-1973
  • 1973-1974
  • 1974-1975 (if any)

Specifically, I’m looking for:

  • Name of piece
  • Composer’s name (was this an existing or commissioned score?)
  • Choreographer’s name
  • Set Designer’s name (or if staged on a bare stage)
  • Costume Designer’s name (or if staged in rehearsal clothing)
  • Names of dancers (and roles)
  • Locations performed – (premiere, tour, etc.)

Any information would be appreciated!

The latest version of the list is at:



12 thoughts on “List of Harkness Ballets

  1. You may know most of these:
    Percussion for 6 Women, Vicente Nebrada, 1971
    Time Out of Mind, Brian MacDonald, 1971

    “The Lottery?” (to Rite of Spring), Brian MacDonald 1971 (uses the Shirley Jackson story of “The Lottery” as a village performs a grisly annual ritual

    Mother Courage and her Children, (2 modern choreographers David . . .?), c.1972, from the Bertolt Brecht play

    Schubert Variations . . . ?

    Firebird, Brian MacDonald

    Souvenirs, Todd Bolender

    Bachianas Brasilerias . . .? (to music by the same name)

    Three Preludes, Ben Stevenson

    Bartok Concerto? (to music by the same name)

    Eaters of Darkness . . . ?

    (male duet with Darrell Barnett and the late _____ (latino) who was shot in a drug deal), beautifully choreographed by Vicente to Samuel Barber’s ???? (his most famous piece you’ve heard for sure)


  2. Gemini seems to be the work for 2 men I was referring you to . . . with Samuel Barber’s Adagio . . . yet your list has Mahler. I’m not sure. What a great list! Ali can definitely fill in many blanks there because he was with the company early on until the end. I saw a couple of typos . . . Benjamin Harkarvy, not Harkovy . . . what a job you’ve done!
    Remembering dancing so many of these. O . . . . Eaters of Darkness is not there. See it on Vimeo . . . Linda DiBona’s site.


  3. Dear Ms. McCain, I will assume you have information on my ballet, ABYSS, which premiered in Cannes in 1965, with Erick Bruhn and Lone Isakson. If I am right and you do, is there any way I might see it for my own records? Most sincerely, Stuart Hodes


    1. Hi Stuart,
      This is Robin Welch and I’m so glad I saw your comment about The Abyss. It was one of my all-time favorite ballets ever. A true work of dramatic art created by a wonderful person. I think of you often and glad you are still well . I don’t know if you remember but you gave Bob Vickrey and I permission for him to stage it and for me to dance it when we had The Connecticut Ballet. It was an amazing experience to dance!


  4. I composed ( and recorded) the music for both of the “Percussion for Six ” ballets as works commissioned by the Harkness company. The first of the two, for the male dancers, was begun as an experiment. Vicente and I worked in the studio for five or six weeks with the dancers and a bunch of percussion instruments, developing the dance and the music, step by step and measure by measure. Once we had enough put together to suggest the style and sound of a completed work, we presented a rough demonstration for Mrs. Harkness, who then gave the go-ahead to complete the piece.

    The score for the ballet, “Bachianas Brasileiras”, was taken from a popular set of pieces (of the same name) composed by the famous Brazilian composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos, based on themes by J.S.Bach.

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    1. Welcome, Lee! So happy to have us all experience what is no coincidence, but a synchronicity . . . I find these occur when I am “in the flow” . . . I would assume you are, as are Robin and Leslie,! Who knows! Thank you for reaching out. We want to hear your stories! If you have any photos, I’ll make a post out of it with your writing. Just send me a jpeg or 2, and a PDF of your text . . . if you are so inclined. What are you doing in early June? Possibly in NYC?


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