She is Unhindered


Split free of Earthly support

Tossed air-ward

[partnered by Darryl Barnett]

[photography by Milton Oleaga, c.1972, Harkness Ballet of NYC in Brian MacDonald’s “Time Out of Mind”]


Milton Oleaga was insistent that his work not be sold, but go immediately into public domain and be distributed to their subjects.

If you recognize any dancer here, please write me at and be sure to include the SCAN no.

If you are the subject, I will mail it to you. Please e-mail me ( your street address and pay postage and packaging (c.$5) .

If I don’t hear from the subject of a photo within 3 weeks of posting, I offer the photo to friends of the person in the photo (like Liza Minelli! She’s not claimed her photos!)

Thank you for dancing!

                   –mickey/Michele morgan, executor of the artistic images of Milton Oleaga

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