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Doris Humphrey’s “The Shakers” . . . the original Shakers and Quakers surely were TranceDancers

Wild Horses in France photog. by Marco Carmassi

Wild Horses in France
photog. by Marco Carmassi

Bradford Keeney on Shaking as Healing . . .

 “. . . you need to be broken . . . the brokenness helps soften you . . . ”

(however, I feel differently about the necessity of having an intention) . . .



Some vets will recognize many names here . . .

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Carlo Blasis 1797-1878  

Widely regarded as one of the fathers of modern ballet, Former ballet mistress  for the Royal Ballet, Ursula Hageli explains how Carlo Blasis’s writings have inspired the ballet techniques of today. With demonstration from Royal Ballet dancer Marcelino Sambé. Piano – Tim Qualtrough.

Blasis is well known for his very rigorous dance classes, sometimes lasting four hours long. Blasis insisted that his students learn theories and definitions of dance steps. He trained all of Enrico Cecchetti’s teachers and it is thought that Blasis’s influence in his training is what led Cecchetti to create the Cecchetti method of ballet.

Auguste Vestris 1760-1842

Join Ursula Hageli as she introduces “le dieu de la danse” – Auguste Vestris. With performance from Royal Ballet dancer Valentino Zucchetti. Trained solely and with the greatest care by his father, Gaétan Vestris, Auguste Vestris made a single unofficial appearance at the Opéra (and was…

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Leslie Streit commented on About the Harkness Ballet blog

Finally, an amateur effort at pulling all Harkness alums together. Facebook has been great as far as connecting us, and this …

Hello Harkness Dancers and Friends,

My name is Leslie Streit and I am a filmmaker in California. In 2010 I began a 3 part project with Maria Vegh under the auspices of ODC Theater in San Francisco. It is all about Maria and her memories of Harkness Ballet and that very exciting time in New York when all of you pioneers and experimenters changed the face of dance forever. The project included a website (http://www.anamericanballetstory.com), and a 2 hour instructional video of Maria’s work (How To Make A Ballet Dancer). After finishing another documentary I am ready to start the third part of my project – a documentary of Maria’s memories of Harkness and the NY dance scene in the 1960’s to ’70’s. Time is of the essence as memories are fading.

If any of you would like to participate or have memories you would like to share on film please email me at leslie@cinematiks.com or call me at 415-468-0772.

Thank you all for your contributions and I look forward to talking to you.

Best Wishes,

A Tribute to Kazuo Ohno

In Memoriam for Japanese Butoh Artist Kazuo Ohno

michele/mickey aka mickeypamo


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