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(2nd from left) Zane Wilson; (4th from left) Gary Wahl; Miyoko Kato . . . performing in Brian MacDonald’s “Firebird”, c.1972


(from left to right) Trudi Hirsch with ?; Daryl Barnett, Gina Goetchius Bugatti, Gary Snyder, Michele Morgan, Linda Bogsrud with ? . . . performing in Brian MacDonald’s “Time Out of Mind”, c.1972


(lt to rt) Roberto Medina, Gina Goetchius Bugatti, Michele Morgan with Daryl Barnett, Gary Snyder . . . in “Time Out of Mind”


Again, “Time Out of Mind”


(lt to rt) Trudi Hirsch, Gary ??, Gina Goetchius Bugatti, Daryl Barnett, Michele Morgan, Gary Snyder, Linda Bogsrud, Jerry ??


Daryl Barnett and Michele Morgan


(lt to rt) Linda Bogsrud, Michele Morgan, Helen Heineman, Vickie Garlitz


(lt to rt) ?? with Gina Goetchius Bugatti, Daryl Barnett with Michele Morgan, Gary Snyder

MiltonHarknessTimeTanju 1

(lt to rt) Michele Morgan with Daryl Barnett, Vickie Garlitz with ??, Tanju Tuzer with Miyoko Kato

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Life after Harkness for one corps member . . .

Originally posted on Words of a Wandering Dakini:

Painterly videography by Diane Teramana; mm improv

Lately, things have been getting a little wired

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An Untangled Moment

Originally posted on Words of a Wandering Dakini:


[mm c.1975, LA]

O! How lovely to feel some untangled moments.

I may not be right

but it feels like light

is all we’re made of.

If a particle is a wave and a wave is a particle,

this sensation of bodily flesh

is a mass of tangles

of strands of light

that glump together in zillions of ways.

So I’ll be a sweet mother

And set out to combing

this precious girl’s knotted curls,

of tangles of strands of light, poor girl,

so your strands of light will flow

to the blissful dream

of the cave in me, of Emptiness

You’ll glow

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