Smith & Nephew Victim speaks out about Pain & Suffering S&N ignores…

Calling All Hip-Replacement Dancers: let’s unite

Earl's View

Dear Howard, Earl, and Fellow BHR Sufferers,

BHR indexI got chills reading Howard’s remarks because I have been thinking the very same thing–about uniting and trying to put an end to this outright criminal act in which Smith and Nephew is trying to get away. It is truly appalling, revolting–makes me ill and beyond frustrated–I just want to retreat and try to make the anger go away, as I hear the seconds ticking away on my Statute of Limitations. But I have now come to the mindset that I know inertia is not the answer.

Howard, you have endured so much, and I your life has been tragically compromised, as Smith and Nephew continues to preach their deceptive dogma, and plant these poisonous mega-destructive devices into clueless victims. 

After two revisions, and living the past three years in horrendous acute to chronic pain, on elbow crutches or a cane, and on…

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