Back from the Land of Hospitals, Doctors and Pills

mickey L morgan
Thanksgiving 2012

What veteran dancer has escaped the mainstream medical-industrial complex? A slim few magnificently healthy old hoofers remain. I am not one of the latter. But I have paid my dues and want to celebrate that I have completed four hip replacements and am walking at 60 in the same way I staggered cowlike during the last couple of months of pregnancy. (My son, Chris Morgan-Riess, Esq., is now 34, married.)

As to my hip replacements, the big message is: DO NOT GET A METAL-ON-METAL IMPLANT, otherwise called a HIP RESURFACING. The lure of greater rotation and increased ranges of motion promised with this implant, would and was greatly promising to me . . . Wow! 10 to 15 years of relief!; then after that goodly span of time, I would eventually have to get a THR (Traditional Hip Replacement).

The first two replacements were in Oct. 2007 and March 2008 . . . a couple years of relief and then KLUNK . . . back into the system for revisionary surgery in August of 2011 with a huge pseudotumor filled with metal shards, then the other leg failed and out came the other Smith & Nephew defective implement on Dec. 1, 2011. Another effect of the Metal Hip Resurfacing is that shards of metal get in the blood and affect EVERYTHING. But because the FDA gave the implement a more careful inspection, my Smith & Nephew Hip Resurfacings could not POSSIBLY have failed. So, here I am in bed. Still recovering in 2015.

But, the lowdown of all of this, is that having danced in this lifetime was the greatest gift my mother gave me, as a dancer herself. The accidental falling into complete trance during some 3 to 4 performances . . . was worth 4 hip replacements. That kind of stuff makes you grow, eh?

Yet what of our youth aspiring to dance? Competition negates self-care. Not to mention that the young girl doing an arabesque these days is pushed to what used to be called penché, yet her upper body is nearly on a plumb line to the floor. O O O my. She looks astonishing, yet how many years has she got before the body’s backlash? The big message in my youth was: Don’t eat. Higher! Higher! (Shove . . . grimace). Today it is moreso in all ways. And as a result, the level of technique in my hometown Cincinnati, with Victoria Morgan’s Cincinnati Ballet, is fantastically way beyond my generation . . . as should be so. Going inward is better than going beyond everyone else. Don’t wait till you’re 48 to begin gaining healthful intelligence in your movements.



p.s. check out . . . that’s where I found Helen Heineman!


3 thoughts on “Back from the Land of Hospitals, Doctors and Pills

  1. Mickey, you write so beautifully…and you are an amazing warrior..Im glad you are walking and you are beginning to look like Vanessa Redgrave…I hope that you had a nice Thanksgiving..much love to you from Jan and


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