What’s Next After Dance?

Painting in Harkness House Lobby, by Mr. Jean Jansem

How many of us went back to school after retiring from dance in one’s 30s? How many of us felt we were not at all trained as to how to maneuver in a world that bit back . . . very unlike the sound secure space of the studio and the stage? I know of many of you who have endured in the discipline of dance, and have likewise been rewarded (hopefully more than by just kudos).

I’m going on my 4th hip replacement. So what else is new? How many of our generation clank around with a lot of metal in their overextended bodies? I sure do. Knees, hips . . . we keep the industry going. By the way, if you’re beginning to clunk and kink and ache, check out http://dancerships.com, for camaraderie, if nothing else.

Do Not Get Any Hip Replacement that is Metal-on-Metal (resurfacing) kind!!!!! They are breaking down everywhere and bringing into this body what is called “metallosis”, shards of metal from the implement tripled my blood’s content of cobalt or chromium. This is toxic to all the organs. The Smith & Nephew resurfacing device remaining in my left leg feels like a ticking bomb. Yes, I have a lawyer who is doing a Multi-District-Litigation rather than a class action. The difference is that one firm files a suit for all those in the class action; in an MDL, a few lawyers’ firms get together because they have one or more clients. So if you’re having problems, let me know . . . there is a way to freely get hooked up with a firm involved.

Fortunately, I finished an English BA and MA, and use it as a sole (home) proprietor for The Karma Press.

How many of us were waiters, waitresses, artists’ models, hotel maids, et. al., as we watched others of our age who were non-dancers begin to form pretty close to 2% as they made 6-figure incomes. How many dancers ended up homeless . . . no joke . . . there was an article in the NYTimes about a black homeless man who had danced with NYCB!

A career in dance seems to provide no training for anything but itself as art. And we, as artists, poured our guts into it like we were married to it. And now (woe to you young’uns), we stumble out of bed and creak and groan.

It provides no training for anything other than itself because dance, when properly executed, is transcendent, hence useless in the mundane world. The transcendence is the hook, the marriage of something inside the dancer that leads to a moment of bliss. With these abilities, dance becomes a spirituality, a means to a higher state of consciousness. It is worth 4 hip replacements.

—mickey morgan (mickeypamo)

p.s. The best thing you could do for yourself is to learn to type! The real way, no single finger pokes.


2 thoughts on “What’s Next After Dance?

  1. The artist of that painting was Jean Jansem. I recall there were at least two of his works that were on display when I was dancing at Harkness.


    1. Ben,
      Many thanks. I will add Mr. Jean Jansem’s name on the caption. If you know him, please apologize for the previous lack of attribution, but for you. Have you danced? From your e-mail, it looks like you are an appreciator of art (if not more), and possibly a lawyer.
      mickey morgan


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