Harkness Photos from 1970s and 2011

(lt) Gina Goetchius Bugatti & Linda Bogsrud Green (m. morgan photo)

(standing) Linda Bogsrud Green & Gina Goetchius Bugatti (m. morgan photo)

(reclining) Gina Goetchius Bugatti & Linda Bogsrud Green (m. morgan photo)Article by Jennifer Gould Keil of the New York Post on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2011 (courtesy of Ali Pourrfarokh)

Article by Jennifer Gould Keil of the New York Post, published Thurs., Aug 18, 2011  (courtesy of Ali Pourrfarokh)


3 thoughts on “Harkness Photos from 1970s and 2011

  1. Hi Michele,
    Linda Bogsrud and I grew up together. I spent a week with Linda at your apartment in 1972. I have some great pictures (including one of you) and memories of that week (not necessarily that sofa). Really enjoyed the night that this incredibly handsome guy (Patrick Swayze) stopped by with his “special” book. I have rarely laughed as much since.
    Linda used to come with me to my ballet classes in Norfolk, Va. At home we would work on positions and form in my garage. Gene Hammett, our instructor who was once with The American Ballet, began noticing Linda in the doorway imitating moves and convinced her mother to let her attend classes. She was born to dance. I assume you know that she went on to headline in ‘Jubilee’ in Las Vegas. She was breath taking to watch. Our mother’s were best friends and I used to bring them both out to visit. Linda and I were able to catch up, but when my parents became ill we lost touch. I’ve been trying to track her down so perhaps she is in touch with you. I love what you’re doing on this site. Also did you see Annie Leibovitz’s book ‘Women’?


    1. Welcome Michele . . . great stories about Linda. I think she is in NC with her chiropractor husband. Here is the only e-mail I have: jubileee99@cox.net (notice the 3 e’s). I have a few shots of her with Tina Santos-Wahl who visited her in Vegas. I would love to see the ones you have. There is a film being made of Harknesss, by Cinematiks (Leslie Streit and Robin McCain) . . . I’m sure they would like to see the shots. In the meantime, I’ll forward your stories to them in SF. Robin recently redesigned the blog after 5 years on my own. She is much more tech-savvy than me. Let me know if you got to Linda . . . mickeypamo@gmail.com. I may be able to track her down.
      peace and joy,
      mickey/michele morgan


  2. I just realized that I didn’t post my name in the message. It’s Pam Barwick. Thank you so much for your reply and I will contact Linda. I remembered the jubileee but couldn’t recall the rest. I assume she and Paul are living near her sisters. I’m in Austin. TX. Give me a few days to dig out the photos.


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