Michele photographs Harkness colleagues

Linda (Bogsrud) Green (lt) and Gina Goetchius Bugatti in Harkness studio (m. morgan photo; sorry about the tear in the paper)

My roommate at the time: Linda (Bogsrud) Green (m. morgan photo)

Two creative and beautiful models: Gina Goetchius Bugatti and Linda (Bogsrud) Green (m. morgan photo)

Note to all viewers: I’m nearly out of photos to share (other than casual ones . . .  maybe I’ll put them on Facebook; and Ali Pourfarrokh is sending a few in awhile. I plan on slowing down here and eventually shifting this blog over to a new blog for Milton: OleagaPhotoGallery.com, or something like that. This seems the only solution to entering about 200 photos with photo-by-photo sound commentary from Milton on never-before-published photos of Martha Graham Co., Luigi’s jazz classes, and New York City Ballet.


2 thoughts on “Michele photographs Harkness colleagues

  1. It may be a couple of months from now that I am able to set up Milton’s site. As soon as I do, I will send an e-mail to all of you, inviting you to subscribe to the “experience” of a man with a dancing heart who yet yearns (at 82) for the beauty of the dancer’s form. Hearing this unique personality (by clicking on the audio button of the site I’ll put together with his CD commentaries), so personably telling his and only his experiences of each moment, each photograph . . . those moments of transcendence we’ve felt, Fanchon, and probably all other dancers. His perspective of photographing inside classrooms, mostly of Luigi’s Jazz classes, is intriguingly personal. He seems to love the person he photographs, safely hidden as he is behind his camera. He’s always been my photographic mentor since the early 70s. He gave me a “parallax?” camera, and I had so much fun snapping shots all the rehearsal day, as a member of the oft-idle corps. I had stacks of them that I loaned to a friend who wanted to keep them.
    Photography has served me well, from his guidance and gifts: as I worked as Director of Publications and Printing Services (for the entire university) at Morehead State University in Morehead, KY; at Contemporary Dance Theater; as UC’s College-Conservatory of Music’s Director of Publications; as UC’s Center for Women’s Studies’ Publication Co-ordinator, and other non-profit editing/publishing gigs. Usually, I was a one-woman team and did everything: interviewing, photographing, writing, editing, writing specs for the printer downstairs, supposedly their supervisor (ha ha ha). Anyway, Milton’s been with me from the beginning of a fine art form . . . since about 1971. Thanks, dear sister Fanchon . . .


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