“Three Preludes”, Joe Bear, and Harkness Youth Dancers

Joe Bear (former stage crew member for Harkness) rides Snowden (check out his music link to the right!) . . . unknown photographer

Linda DiBona and Ali Pourfarrokh rehearsing Ben Stevenson’s “Three Preludes” in Mrs. Harkness’ studio in Gstaad, Switzerland, c. 1971 (mickey morgan, photographer)

Harkness Youth dancers, courtesy of Gary Moore, c. 1968

Dear Mickey:

The Harkness Blog made it to my email today – what fun to see so many of my old gang.

I came to Harkness from the Virginia Ballet Company (Tania Rousseau and Oleg Tupine.) I was a scholarship student at Harkness from 67 and 68, and then an original member of the 2nd company in 69 (see the photo).  I broke my foot late that winter.  When I had recovered things had changed (yet again) so dramatically at Harkness that I realized it was no longer the place I needed to be.  Following Harkness I danced with the Pennsylvania Ballet, and was a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet. I had my own company in Colorado for several years, and then moved to Montgomery, Alabama where I was director of the Montgomery Ballet.  In 1984 I resigned my post and went to bible school for two years, then got married and for the next two years Linda, my wife, and I were drug rehab counselors for Teen Challenge of the Rocky Mountains.  In 1988 I was invited to be the resident choreographer for the magnet performing arts high school in Montgomery and have now been on staff for 24 years as choreographer, creative director, instructor, p.r. and other elements to keep the school as one of the top in the country.  During those years I received both a Bachelor and Master degree.  I am now the grand father to three (Miss Riley age 7, Spencer age 6, and Stern age 2 1/2.)  Linda is the elementary magnet dance director.  In the course of the last 24 years I’ve received many really cool awards including the Disney American Teacher Award winner, the Toyota International Teacher Award winner, the USA Today Team Teacher Award, and a slew of grants and fellowships.
The picture I attached to this email is from the debut of the Harkness 2nd company at the Delacourt Theatre in NY.  Those I can identify are:
Michelle Benash far left, Dana Wolfe, me on my knee, Elizabeth Kuethe, Armando Zetina, Enid Eyche (sp), the lifted girl is Phyliss Papa supported by George Herano – I don’t know who the rest are.  The photo credit is to Frank Derbas of the Saturday Review.
Anyway, keep me in the loop!!!
Gary Moore

One thought on ““Three Preludes”, Joe Bear, and Harkness Youth Dancers

  1. Does anyone know where Dana Wolfe is???? She was a roommate of mine in 1969. I lived with her & her mom, who worked at Harkness House. I would love to get back in touch with her. Thanks for any & all help.
    Susan Jones


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