Another Mixed Bag of Harkness Vets

Jeanette Vondersaar and Gary Wahl in a Maurice Seymour photo

Janice Stenger (? somebody correct me) on the beach (photo by m. morgan)

According to Joe Bear . . .” I’m pretty sure it was Janice who said the ‘Deutsch, Dutch . . .’ We were aboard the San Francesco, il patrono de la gente della mare,  the Espresso Cagliari.  We got stuck in Athens during the Turkish invasion of Cypress.  We sailed from Corinthos to Ancona in Italy, stayed in Rimini, home of Federico Fellini, and then flew to Paris just in time to play the Theatre Champs Élysées.  I think we did Margo Sappington’s ballet there.

“This guy on the ship at dinner said he was Dutch. Janice said, ‘Spechen Sie Deutsch?‘ The guy looked miffed.  I said, ‘He’s Dutch not German.’  She said, ‘Dutch, Deutsch, what’s the difference.’  I still quote her.  It kind of sums up a real Mach’s nix* point of view which I’ve come to admire. Just some Harkness Euro trivia.”

* Mach’s nix is a German colloquialism, possibly German American.  From something like, Es macht mir doch nichts or Das macht nichts which means ‘It doesn’t matter to me’.  A Mach’s nix attitude is devil-may-care, who gives a f . . . k, etc.
German American slang spoken here!
Tschuess!  (German for Ciao!)
Joe Bear”

Janice again, riding the interminable bus (photo by m. morgan)


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