Time Out of Mind (we don’t need it there anyway)

Dear Dance Lovers,

I’m so pleased that 1065 people have viewed this site since it started a couple of months ago. Our young bodies could do anything, risk anything, go beyond the limits of our joints and bones. How many of you in my generation are experiencing the backside of professional dance careers? I am. But it was worth every moment of transcendence. Dance was my spirituality. We were all like monks and nuns . . . contemplative, daily practice, little social life (except on tours!).

My sister, Bonnie will guide me into arranging your personal links if you’d like them to appear here. Also, especially Harkness alums, but truly every dance-related viewer, is welcome to send a bio of your lives. I’d like to put your names on the front page, right sidebar, as links to another page for others to read about your unique lives. Send them (if you can, as a Microsoft Word file attached to e-mail) to mickeypamo@aol.com. If you feel comfortable putting contact info in with it, you may find some old friends. Peace to all.

Zane Wilson and Helen Heinemann

Helen Heinemann(?)(late breaking news from Susan McCullough: this is Miyoko Kato) and Tanju Tuzer

Either Clara Cravey or mm(?) with Darell Barnet(?) (More late breaking news from Pat Machette Tuzer: “The TIME photo with the girl over someone’s shoulder- is DEFINITELY Susan McKee McCullough, not Clara or mm). Cannot determine the guy!)

Please correct the captions if you know better than me about who is who.

Did you know that Luigi, at 83 or so, was still teaching until a year ago, when he had a stroke? Milton Oleaga has scads of photos of his classes from over the decades.


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