“Schubert”! choreographed by the late Vicente Nebrada . . . #1

. . . how many times did we perform this? Manola takes the stage again (Oleaga Photog) with Daryl Gray Vickie Garlitz, Clara Cravey, Ray Bussey, Susan McKee McCullough


3 thoughts on ““Schubert”! choreographed by the late Vicente Nebrada . . . #1

  1. Manola in the air. Darrell Gray looking at her.Vicki Garlitz on the right of him.Think that is me shotgun with Ray Bussey. Then Susan McKee McCullough with “mystery date”! (Just NOT SURE.. is that me??)


  2. Isn’t it Daryl Gray (Darell Barnett)? The “me shotgun” looks like Clara Cravey to me. And isn’t Roberto Medina the “mystery date?”
    I’ll try to make better captions. But I hope all others correct me if I’m wrong.
    michele (one l)


  3. I’m curious about the Schubert Variations which has Schubert’s music orchestrated by Rebekah Harkness. A couple of reviews I’ve found praise her orchestrations, but I’ve never found this music commercially available (for sale or rental). Does anyone have any information where I might find this music?

    Thank you,
    Wilson Ochoa, librarian
    Nashville Symphony


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