Percussion for Six Women (Milton Oleaga, photog.)

from lt to rt: Linda diBona, Manola Ascensio, Mindy Gars, Jeanette Vondersaar, Tina Santos, Pat Machette Tuzer

 Harkness Percussion for 6 Women 1


3 thoughts on “Percussion for Six Women (Milton Oleaga, photog.)

  1. This is a fab pix…..I worked w/Mindy In Ballet de Caracas. Always loved all the other dancers here too. I heard Mindy was in Fl & teaching at Harid Conservatory in Boca..not sure.PS: Where’s Percussion Six for men w/Kenn jazz teacher many years before w/larry Rhodes & Manuel Molina tooo I think & more??


  2. It is so great that you are posting our dear friend Milton Oleaga,s photos for other to view.
    Milton had spent many hours with me years ago teaching me the basics of photography and printing in the darkroom…
    So much had changed with digital photography but I will always cherish his time with me and our mutual continuing friendship..
    So great to see his photographs from another era.

    Thank you
    Jan La Salle


  3. Dear Jan,
    I finally outed myself and told Milton I was using his attributed photos online . . . as usual he SEEMS to care less.
    If I live a very long life, I would like to be able to transcribe our years of cassette letters, and to publish his own blog with his Day-Fishing pictures, head-shots, etc., all with accompanying CDs where he has recorded stories about each page! It takes him into tangents about Jamaica Bay or politics or . . . you know him better than I do. But ultimately his story-telling is wonderful and both the photos and the text are well-worth publishing.


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